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702.jpg Rutland Accessories
83-6.jpg Rutland Brick and Stone Cleaner
Formulated to remove smoke residue, soot and creosote from masonry surfaces.
Contains an industrial strength solvent to dissolve buildup and a heavy duty surface cleaner to penetrate and remove grime and greasy dirt. 
16406.jpg Rutland Chimney Sweep Wire Brushes
Designed for homeowners. Regular construction utilizes an open, single spiral design with 6” of fill, with plated shafts and 1/4” threading for easy coupling with fiberglass rods or pull rings. 
97.jpg Rutland Creosote Remover
Rutland’s creosote control products changes the creosote into a brushable ash. Deposits fall to the bottom of the chimney for easy removal. Be sure to check elbows often for blockage as creosote begins to loosen.
RUTLAND 604 Rutland Fire Brick
Suitable for Gasification Boilers/Furnaces
Use to build new fireplace fire boxes or to replace broken fire brick. Intermediate duty
bricks have a maximum service temperature of 2700°F making them suitable for use in most modern gasification technology units. 
50B.jpg Rutland Fire Starters
Rutland Fire Starters are the best way to start any fire, whether indoors or out!
611.jpg Rutland Fireplace Cement
Ready-to-use, pre-mixed, fiber-reinforced, high temperature silicate mortar. 
82.jpg Rutland Fireplace Glass Cleaner
Use to clean glass doors on fireplace inserts, coal, oil and wood burning stoves. Removes smoke, soot, creosote, carbon and mineral residues on glass.
63.jpg Rutland Fireplace Mortar
This is our original fireplace mortar. When fire cured, sets rock hard and as strong as firebrick. Colors match most mortars.
462.jpg Rutland Grill Cleaner
An easy to use cleaner for barbeque grates, grids and grills, as well as cast iron. Biodegradable and safe for the environment. Contains no acid or abrasives.
76A.jpg Rutland High Heat Silicone and Adhesive
Seal fireplace inserts, solar panel repairs, flashings; installation and maintenance of direct vent appliances, gas burning systems, pellet stoves & metal flues for wood and coal burning stoves.
80.jpg Rutland High Temperature Stove Paint
High-quality, specially formulated paint resists peeling and blistering when subjected to temperatures up to 1200°F. Renews and protects the finish on steel or cast iron. Dries fast! Perfect for cast iron stoves, barbeque grills, stainless steel pipe, chimney caps.
PS-3.jpg Rutland Pellet Stove Brushes
Designed to clean both pellet stove vents and dryer vents. Brushes are designed to navigate a sharp turning radius without getting caught in elbows. 
715.jpg Rutland Rainbow Flame Crystals
A family favorite! Sprinkle onto wood fires to enjoy long lasting blue and green flames.
100.jpg Rutland Soot Remover
Makes chimney cleaning easier and reduces the danger of chimney fires.   Plus, remove soot build-up from gas logs and make them look new again!
70.jpg Rutland Stove Polish
Protects and renews the beauty of cast iron or steel wood stoves and gas stoves.
96-6.jpg Rutland Wood Stove Gasket