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The Tinsley family has a remarkable business history spanning over 130 years.   My great, great, great grandfather was Leonard Nelson Tinsley and he owned a saw mill in Whitfield County, GA in 1880.   That is the earliest information on the Tinsley family available, but I know the family has been in business since at least 1880.  
Nelson Alexander Tinsley, son of L. N. Tinsley and my great, great grandfather owned a grocery store and general merchandise business (N. A. Tinsley General Merchandise) in Calhoun, TN and in Cleveland, TN from 1890 until his death in 1922.

Martin Luther Tinsley, son of N. A. Tinsley and my great grandfather took over the family merchandise business and operated M. L. Tinsley General Merchandise until his death in 1951.

Dennis Bethel Tinsley, son of M. L. Tinsley and my grandfather, operated the family merchandise business, along with his brother Charles Tinsley, for several years and changed the name to Tinsley Brother's General Merchandise.   Then, later owned and operated Dennis B. Tinsley Grocery.

Samuel Dennis Tinsley, son of Dennis Tinsley and my father, owned and operated Cox Auto Parts, inc. in Cleveland, TN from 1983 until 1998.

I opened Cleveland Gas Products on April 9, 1996 in Cleveland, TN.  In 1998, I entered the wholesale business with the creation of Hearthside Distributors and later that year was one of the first companies in the industry to develop a full product web site.   In 2007, I opened a store in Chattanooga, TN.   I  have since closed both retail locations and now operate solely as an ecommerce company under the name Hearth and Grill Sales, LLC.

I am currently searching for information on my great, great, great grandfather Leonard Nelson Tinsley and any of his descendants.   According to census records, he was born in South Carolina in 1829.  However, there is no record of him until 1850 when he marries Nancy Jane May in Murray County, GA.  He served in the 34th Georgia Infantry, Co. A., in the Civil War and was promoted to Captain.   He died in 1892. 

I have posted a few photographs that were recently discovered.   A very special thank you to Martin "Luther" Tinsley III, Patti Tinsley Petitt and my dad (Sam Tinsley) for making these photographs available.

Please email me at if you are a descendant of this family:

- Leonard Nelson Tinsley
- Nancy Jane May Tinsley
- John Graham Tinsley
- Lovinia Elvira Tinsley
- Leonard Augustus Tinsley
- Oliver Randolph Tinsley
- Thomas Americus Tinsley
- Lawrence Luther Tinsley
- Lillie Belle Tinsley
- Dollie Tinsley
- Pearl Tinsley Touchstone
- James Edward Tinsley Sinor
- Nelson Alexander Tinsley
- Walter N Tinsley
- Rebecca Susan Jane Tinsley
- Mary E Tinsley
- Classie Magnolia Tinsley
- Cleo Tinsley
- Martin L Tinsley
- Repsey L Tinsley

Thank you for viewing the Tinsley Family Photo Album.

Kevin Tinsley
Hearth and Grill Sales, LLC
Tinsley Reunion Information