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NZ26WI.jpg NZ-26 Prestige EPA Wood Burning Fireplace
The NZ-26 features Napoleon’s exclusive PHAZER® light weight ceramic baffle which heats up quickly to help increase efficiencies, a full brick patterned refractory liner that retains heat and supports over night burn and an airwash system which ensures an extremely clean viewing area. The Prestige® NZ-26 zero clearance and masonry fireplace outperforms your expectations by providing optimum heating efficiency, durability, environ
NZ3000.jpg NZ3000 High Country EPA Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace
Napoleon’s EPA certified NZ3000 wood burning fireplace is the smaller version in the powerful High Country™ Series. The NZ3000 offers superior, heavy duty boiler plate steel and full refractory lined firebox with advanced EPA technology. The ultra high efficiencies allow for easily sustained overnight burns. Only Napoleon® provides wood burning fireplaces that have an elegant, rustic style and are built to these high quality standards.
NZ6000.jpg NZ6000 High Country Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace
Napoleon’s dedicated team of designers and engineers have taken wood burning to a higher level and created a distinctive fireplace experience never seen before in the industry! The perfect blend of
elegant, rustic styling and state-of-the-art wood burning technology makes this luxury fireplace an ideal choice to add class and artistry to your home. The HIGH COUNTRY™ stands out in the crowd, well deserving the Napoleon® insignia. Treasured for its quality and performance, every Napoleon®
fireplace is hand crafted to last for generations.
HVAC_slideshow-HMF2001.jpg Napoleon Hybrid Multi Fuel Furnaces
Technology has surpassed traditional heating equipment but you can’t beat the comfort of a wood furnace. Napoleon’s wood furnaces offer the reliable and traditional function of a wood furnace with double configuration for electric power. This second thermostat automatically switches to electric if the wood burns out. We manufacture reliable and high quality equipment for your comfort and peace of mind.